Time Line

Proudly manufacturing UV Lamps since 1957

1957 - Armando Losco and Edward Polinski former Westinghouse Inc. electrical engineers founded Terrace Electronics in Verona, N.J.- manufacturing neon glow lamps and electronic tubes.

1958 - Joseph G. Losco joined the company to develop quartz mercury vapor lamps for the rapidly growing blue print industry.

1960 to 1961- Terrace Electronics (neon glow lamp manufacturing division) was sold and then the company incorporated under the current name Superior Quartz Products, Inc. (SQP). The manufacturing facility moved to Budd Lake, N.J. and now focused completely on quartz mercury vapor lamps. Total employed at this time 4 employees.

1965 - Eldest son of Joseph G., Joseph H. joined SQP with a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Muhlenberg College. Joseph G. bought out Co-owner Edward, making the business owned entirely by Joseph G. The business again moved to a larger manufacturing facility in Alpha, N.J. expanding their product line to other blueprint related items such as belts, sleeves, cylinders, etc.

1969 - Dennis A., Joseph G.'s youngest son joins SQP after working for Hughes Aircraft's Satellite/Missile Department in Culver City, C.A. for two years. Dennis had graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. During the first year Dennis worked on the development both ultra-violet and metal halide-curing lamps.

1983 - SQP outgrows the Alpha location and moves into a new 15,500 square foot building on Route 519 in Phillipsburg, N.J. Total hired at this time 18 employees

1985 - Joseph G., passes away, leaving the business to his two son's Joseph H. and Dennis A. SQP quickly grew to 30 employees becoming the largest and most flexible medium pressure UV lamp manufacturer in the United States. Dennis A.'s eldest son Dennis J., began working part time as a lamp-manufacturing apprentice.

1988 - Jeffry W. Dennis A.'s middle son begins working part time in SQP's Lamp Engineering Department.

1991 - Dennis J. joins the company full time as a production manager after graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

1993 - Jeffry W., begins working full time as a lamp and systems engineer developing UV curing systems for metal halide and long web applications. Jeff graduated from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

1993 continued - Halogenetic Irradiation Technology, Inc., a satellite company was established to sell the UV Curing systems and also to begin development in UV disinfection.

1995 - During ORC's acquisition of Hanovia's short arc division, SQP was able to obtain Helge Austad, Chief Engineer and developer of the horizontal xenon short arc lamp, and Mike Burke, general manager of the air-cooled short arc division from Hanovia. With this vast wealth of knowledge, SQP embarked on its next endeavor, air-cooled xenon short arc manufacturing. SQP first concentrated on selling to the highly technical scientific market (Oriel Instruments) and the searchlight market (Carlisle and Finch). The company now employed 35 employees.

1996 - Joseph H. passes away and the shares are divided between Dennis A., Dennis J., Jeffry W. and youngest son Joseph W., Losco. Within this year SQP grows to 48 employees and expands the facility to 25,000 square feet to accommodate the growing business.

1998 - SQP expands its air-cooled xenon lamp product line to encompass the large cinema market. Including sizes from 150 watt to 7000 watt. SQP is also granted two United States Patents for development improvements to both UV curing lamps and high-pressure air-cooled short arc lamps.

2000 - SQP adds an additional 5000 square feet to its manufacturing facility, to be quickly filled by the newly purchased Duro-Test liquid-cooled short arc division. SQP acquired Steve McGuire, John Leyden and three key manufacturing employees from the defunct Duro-Test Corporation. By October, SQP is shipping liquid-cooled short arc lamps to the United States Government. SQP now has three distinct product lines #1 -Medium Pressure Mercury and Metal Halide Curing lamps, #2 - High Pressure Air-cooled Xenon and Mercury Xenon Short Arc lamps and #3 - High Pressure Liquid-cooled Short Arc lamps. Total employed by the end of 2000 - 62 employees.

2001 - In January SQP is granted IMAX® approval for 12 and 15KW liquid cooled lamps for both 2D and 3D applications. In February, SQP is honored by a feature editorial by Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal for its long period of success and its bright outlook for the future. SQP begins plans to manufacture a 60,000 square foot building in the pre-owned Ingersoll Rand property adjacent to their already existing property. SQP's sales are estimated to double during this year and total employees employed should exceed 70. March 1, 2001 SQP partners with Aura Lighting for distribution of the Liquid Cooled Lamps into Europe and on April 1st Dean Denegri and Ernie Estrada were signed as the exclusive sales representatives for Air-cooled Xenon lamps in the United States. Dean will handle the eastern half of the US and Ernie will handle the western half.

2003 - SQP purchases all assests of Borges Technical Ceramics.

2004 - IMAX® grants approval of the 4KW Xenon Short Arc Lamp.

2005 - SQP purchases 7 acres in Bethlehem, PA to begin construction of a new 62,000 square foot manufacturing and research facility.

2006 - SQP finishes construction and moves into its new 62,000 square foot manufacturing and research facility.

2007 - Superior celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

Simply stated: Superior Quartz Products, Inc. is Light Years Ahead!!!