Industrial UV Curing

Linear Lamp Diagram

The High-Power Ultra-Violet (HPUV) Lamps are simply put, an electrical arc of light contained in a sealed, Mercury-doped environment. The combination of the Mercury and the Quartz tube itself results in a radiated output with very specific characteristics, with most output very deep in the UV spectrum. This output results in a great amount of heat energy, which is used for processes that need large quantities of Ultra-Violet energy.

Superior Lamps Available

Cross References Available For Lamps By or For Use in Equipment By
3M - Match Print AAA Press Addalux Agfa
Air Motion Akiyama Akulite Allied Gear
Alpha Cure Amba Amergraph American Screen
Amjo Apex Arpeco Artisan
Berkey Berson Brewer Burgess
Cefla Colordry Cotodry Dainippon
Delta Dorn DS America Duran
Dymax Eltosh EYE Freedom Screen
GAF Gallus GEW Giardina
GS Hanovia Heraeus Heidelberg
Herbert Honle' HOK Ideal Quartz
Innovative Machine IST Iwasaki K&E
KDO Kopack Kuhnast Liberty Screen
Linde Miltec MMT Napp
Nilpeter Nuarc Olec Onda
ORC Paco Panasonic Philips
Primarc Prophiteer Riston Roll-Vac
Roto Press Sakurai Sandmar Sanjo
Sanki Sias SPE Staub
Steinemann Sterilux Stork Strahler
Suncure Sylvania Svecia Theimer-Strahler
Tobias Toshiba Ushio Uvex
UV III UV Doctor UV Light UViterno
Violux Voltarc Wallace Knight Webtron
Western Quartz

Pressed Seal Exposure Lamps

Press Seal Lamp Diagram

Superior Quartz manufactures extremely high power mercury and metal halide lamps for the platemaking and micrographic industries. Common power levels the lamps operate at are between 500 to 1200 watts per inch. Special application lamps have been manufactured with power levels as 50 watts per inch and as high as 5000 watts per inch. These lamps are manufactured in both mercury and metal halide versions. The highest quality materials are injected into these heavy wall quartz lamps. Depending on the wattage and application, the lamps are constructed to carry the high currents with either an extra heavy molybdenum foil seal, a pressed seal or our patented dual molybdenum foil seal. Warranties vary with power levels as stated in the Curing Lamp Warranty section. Consult Superior Quartz's engineering department for special applications.

Caution: These Lamps emit large amounts of ultraviolet radiation which can be extremely harmful to eyes and skin. These lamps also operate at high internal pressure due to their high power levels.

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Superior Pressed Seal Lamps For Use In

Equipment By
Addalux Akitlux Amergraph Berkey
Berson Burgess Caiz Cefla
Coliht GAF GEW Hanovia
Nuarc Olec Ozalid Pactek
Philips Riston Roll-Vac Staub
Strahler Sylvania Tobias Theimer
UV Doctor UViterno V Zero

Superior Blue Print Lamps

Blueprint lamp diagram

Superior Quartz continues to manufacture unexcelled whiteprint - blueprint lamps for the reprographic industry. Since 1960, Superior Quartz has been a major supplier to every reprographic machine manufacturer. The internal bulb is constructed of the finest grade of materials available. Depending on the wattage, the outer jacket is constructed of reprographic grade Pyrex or quartz. Optional non-fog lamps preventing the cylinder from being fogged by ammonium oxide are also available. All Pyrex jacked lamps are also available with an optional quartz jacket for enhanced printing. Caution must be taken when using quartz jacketed lamps because the infrared radiation will also increase. It is imperative that all whiteprint - blueprint lamps be wiped clean of all dirt and fingerprints to assure the user even printing. Installation and removal of lamps should be performed by qualified technicians only.

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Superior Blue Print Lamps For Use In

Equipment By
Blu-Ray Bruning Dietzgen Este-Kalle
GAF Hoechst Meteor Siegen OCE
Ozalid Pease-Ditto Printfold Revolute
Roth-Weber Technifax

Cooling Tubes

Cooling tube diagram

Note: Supply dimensions to be assured of correct cooling tube.

Used in both the UV curing and disinfection industries, Superior Quartz manufacturers quartz cooling tubes with the highest grade of amorphous non-crystalline silicon dioxide tubing available. The UV curing cooling tubes are manufactured to exact dimensions by highly skilled quartz fabricators. A gold heat shield is then applied. Superior Quartz also supplies the same grade quartz tubes for the water disinfection industry with sizes ranging up to twelve inches in diameter. For any UV curing or water disinfection tube not listed, consult our factory for availability.

Superior Part Number Lamp Length
SCT223 6" 8 7/8"
SCT282 8" 11 1/8"
SCT307 9" 12 1/8"
SCT384 12" 15 1/8"
SCT536 18" 21 1/8"
SCT714 25" 28 1/8"
SCT789 26" 31 1/16"
SCT790 28" 31 1/8"
SCT818 28" 32 3/16"
SCT870 30" 34 1/4"
SCT892 32" 35 1/8"
SCT1044 38" 41 1/8"
SCT1098 38" 43 1/4"
SCT1118 40" 44"
SCT1146 42" 45 1/8"
SCT1160 42" 46 3/16"
SCT1173 41" 46 3/16"
SCT1298 48" 51 1/8"
SCT1300 48" 51 3/16"
SCT1349 50" 53 1/8"
SCT1393 50" 54 7/8"
SCT1489 55" 58 5/8"
SCT1533 55" 60 3/8"
SCT1603 60" 63 1/8"
SCT1606 58" 63 1/4"
SCT1656 60" 65 3/16"
SCT1698 62" 66 7/8"
SCT1733 65" 68 1/4"
SCT1743 65" 68 5/8"
SCT1819 66" 71 5/8"
SCT1860 68" 73 1/4"
SCT1962 72" 77 1/4"
SCT2163 81" 85 3/16"