About Us

Superior's Lamps are all Hand Crafted

Superior Quartz Products is one of the pioneers of the ultraviolet lamp industry. Since 1957, Superior has designed and manufactured unexcelled quality lamps. Today Superior continues to lead the industry in innovation and design.

The combination of our futuristic and pragmatic engineering designs, along with our unwavering commitment to use the highest quality raw materials and production practices has resulted in the most durable, stable and longest lasting lamps available on the market today, worldwide. At Superior, master craftsmen rework technically pure grade amorphorous non-crystalline silicone dioxide (quartz) with meticulous patience into a unique construction. Depending on the lamp construction, a Superior lamp is capable of generating an abundance of ultraviolet, visible or infrared spectral ranges. This form of radiation has paved the way for the polymerization, halogenation, chlorination, photo-chemical reaction, UV Curing and drying, diazo printing, semi-conductor and circuit board manufacturing, cinema projection/stage lighting, military guidance and micro-organism disinfection industries.

Recognizing the need, Superior opened its customized quartz and ceramic machining services to our customers in 2003. Precision outside and inside diameter grinding, precision cutting as well as threading and slotting are just some of the services we offer.

Our Newly built 60,000 Facility

We manufacture exclusive designs for Original Equipment Manufacturers and non-exclusive designs for our many distributors. Our firm policy to not sell directly to end users is what makes Superior one of the most trusted specialty lamp manufacturers in the world. Due to the strong trust bond between Superior and our customers, our customers enjoy the benefits of our drop ship services, complete traceability, private etching, customized packaging and much more.

Superior is not just our name, it's our trademark. A trademark that has been earned over more than 50 years of quality service to the specialty lamp industry.

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