Liquid Cooled Short Arc Lamp Division

Space Shuttle on the Launch Pad Lit Up by Liquid Cooled Short Arc Lamps

Superior Quartz Products' liquid cooled xenon short arc lamps, are on a fundamental level, the same lamp as the air cooled short arc xenon lamps but on a much larger scale. They are the biggest and most powerful lamps in the xenon short arc family. These large and ultra-high powered lamps were developed for highly specialized applications. Their extremely high power levels require specialized construction techniques, as well as unique cooling measures to ensure their warrantied life. Cooling is accomplished via coolant passages within the electrodes, and special end fittings to safely transfer the coolant to an external cooling unit. Superior's liquid cooled xenon short arc lamps range in power from 12,000 watts to 32,000 watts.

Superior Quartz Products liquid cooled xenon short arc lamps have longer life and better stability due to the cooling inlets that allow the greatest coolant flow to the areas that need it the most.

Liquid Cooled Short Arc Lamps in an IMAX projector


  • IMAX┬« Approved Large Format Cinema Projection
  • Military Guidance
  • Search Light
  • Space & Solar Simulation