Series of Superior Quartz UV Curing Lamps

Superior Silver Economy Series
Superior Gold Series
Superior Gold Heavy Duty Series
Superior Platinum Extended Life & Diamond Series
Superior Metal Halide Series
Super UV Metal Halide Series
Optional Lamps

Superior Silver Economy Series Lamps

The Silver Economy Series Lamps are the lowest priced series manufactured by Superior Quartz. The lamps are produced in 200, 300, and 400 watts per inch power levels. With a typical one to one and a half millimeter wall thickness, these lamps carry a 1000-hour pro-rated warranty as stated in the Warranty Section . No sacrifice in quality is taken in the manufacture of Silver Economy Series Lamps.

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Superior Gold Series Lamps

The Gold Series Lamps are OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) quality lamps. Produced in 200, 300, 400, and 600 watts per inch power levels, this series of lamps is our most common used throughout the ultraviolet curing / drying industries. The typical quartz wall thickness is one and a half to two millimeters. The Gold Series Lamps are warranted for 1000 hours unconditional as stated in the Warranty Section. Equipment manufactures base Superior's Gold Series Lamps as the highest quality top of the line industry standard worldwide.

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Superior Gold Heavy Duty Series Lamps

Manufactured with a typical quartz wall thickness of two to two and a half millimeters, the Gold Heavy Duty Series Lamps are designed for power levels ranging from 200 to 2000 watts per inch. Contrary to claims by competitors who are unable to manufacture heavy wall lamps, there is no reduction of ultraviolet radiation associated with the heavier wall lamps. Producing exactly the same amount of ultraviolet radiation (watts per square centimeter), this series of lamps is warranted for 1000 hours unconditional as stated in the Warranty Section . The heavy duty lamps are especially suited for higher power levels, for extremely long arc lengths, or for installations in which lamp bowing is a problem.

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Superior Platinum Extended Life & Diamond Series Lamps

Superior Quartz introduces the most technologically advanced medium pressure curing lamps today - the Platinum Extended Life and Diamond Series Lamps. Superior Quartz's development of a newly advanced process of preparing and coating electrodes with a specially formulated approved emission material is one of the advanced manufacturing processes utilized in this series of lamps. The lamps are then filled with a uniquely formulated inert gas along with a mixture of halogens. The result is a lamp with an identical ultraviolet spectral output at 365 nanometers but with a lower internal electrode temperature. With the improved electrode and internal fill mixture combination, the lamp will extend electrode life yielding a much cleaner longer lasting lamp with less UV drop off. With a typical quartz wall thickness of one and a half to two millimeters, the Platinum Extended Life Series Lamps are warranted for 1500 hours unconditional while the Diamond Series Lamps with our patented multiple foil platform seals are warranted for 2000 hours unconditional as stated in the Warranty Section .

NOTE: Depending on the power level being used, a lamp in this series can expect to have a useful life averaging between 2000 to 4000 hours with less than a ten percent ultraviolet drop off. Contact Superior's engineering department for additional information and machine compatibility. Only Superior Quartz can offer this advanced technology - the future standard of tomorrow's ultraviolet lamps.

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Superior Metal Halide Series Lamps

The Metal Halide Series Lamps are mercury vapor lamps with the addition of metal halogens. The metal halogens are added to create specific wavelength lines of ultraviolet radiation to match the sensitivity of the exposing or drying material. The mercury line of 365 nanometers is still present but is depressed in strength. The metal halide lamp does not have a higher output level; it is an output matched in wavelength to a specific requirement. It is therefore necessary that the correct metal halogens be chosen to supply the correct UV output for the specific purpose.

Metal Halogens are compounds made of metal and halogen elements combined within a lamp to form salts. The electro-negatives halogen elements chemically react within a lamp to cause a reaction in which the metals take on a positive charge. As the internal temperature of the lamp increases to the vaporization point of the metals, the positive ions being produced allow the metals to release their outer electrons causing ultraviolet radiation output at the required wavelength. To create sufficient electrical input, special ballasts designed for metal halide lamps must be used. These ballasts have a higher open circuit secondary with a higher current carrying capacity. The ballast must have a magnetic structure specifically designed to insure the proper crest factor; this feature will extend lamp life while keeping the mercury and heavy metals within the lamp structure in the plasmatic state during temperature and voltage variations.

The typical Metal Halide Series Lamp is manufactured of quartz tubing with a wall thickness of one and a half to two millimeters. Typical power levels are 200, 300, 400 and 600 watts per inch. Typical spectral charts are shown in Figure 1. Metal halide lamps are available for special applications with power levels up to 1200 watts per inch. Warranties vary per lamp power levels as stated in the Warranty Section . Contact Superior Quartz's metal halide engineering department for technical assistance for special requirements such as non standard wavelengths or high power levels.

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Super UV Metal Halide Series Lamps

Designed specifically for 400 watts per inch power level of operation or higher, Superior Quartz offers the Super UV Metal Halide Series Lamps. Manufactured with specially formulated electrodes and unique metal halide compound additives, the lamps will radiate, depending on the particular application, between twenty five (25%) to one hundred (100%) percent more ultraviolet radiation at the standard mercury 365 nanometer wavelength line. No additional electrical input power is required. Infrared radiation is being converted to useful 365 nanometer UV radiation. Although the lamp is designed for metal halide ballasts, the Super UV Metal Halide Series Lamps will operate on most standard mercury vapor ballasts. The lamps are manufactured with a two millimeter quartz wall thickness (24 millimeter minimum outside diameter) and are warranted for 500 hours unconditional (See Warranty Section ). A typical 400 watt per inch Super UV Metal Halide Series Lamp will equal or outperform a standard 600 watt per inch mercury lamp while having the infrared radiation of a 400 watt per inch lamp. A comparison spectral chart is shown in Figure 6. 

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Optional Lamps

Along with the above series of lamps, Superior Quartz's engineering department is constantly developing new advanced technology lamps.  Xenon dosed lamps that produce a slightly higher UV output and rapid start/instant on lamps are examples.  Lamps can be dosed for installations requiring a low strike voltage.  Superior Quartz leads the way into high current lamps with lower operating voltages to promote new ballast designs.  With the addition of Superior's patented optional dual foil seal lamps, the current carrying capacity of the lamp literally doubles to approximately sixty (60) amps.  Contact Superior Quartz's engineering department for any special lamp requirement.

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