High Tech, Fast Growth, Family-Owned

Joseph Losco started a small, mercury vapor lamp manufacturing business in New Jersey in 1957. The niche product was developed to cure ink on blueprints. Today, Superior Quartz Products is one of the world's largest manufacturers of medium-and high pressure quartz lamps, used for ultra bright lightning required by technologies including IMAX theater projectors and the space shuttle. A custom manufactured lamp can cost from a few hundred to almost $10,000.

The company is led by second generation president Dennis Losco and his sons Dennis, Jr., corporate treasurer and director of sales, and Jeffrey, engineering vice president. The company's 61 employees combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

Employees and customers both respond to the family business atmosphere. "The company is secure, successful and growing fast. Employees feel like they are part of the family. What more could you want?" Jack Sabo, non-family operations told the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal.

"Their quality control is absolutely the best in the quartz lamp industry," says a key customer. "I can talk to the top people in the company whenever I need to, and they bend over backwards to satisfy our needs."

The company continues to expand with new products and international distribution based on a reputation for top quality at competitive prices and committed ownership and management by the Losco family.


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